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Alliance For Kids

Volunteers Needed for the 50/50 raffle during Spring Training games at Roger Dean Stadium.
Updated list:
March 16 Marlins v Nationals – 1
March 17 Marlins v Mets-1
March 18 Marlins v Tigers – 2 **game is already sold out**
March 20 Cardinals v Marlins – 2
March 21 Cardinals v Red Sox – 1 **game is already sold out**
March 22 Marlins v Red Sox – 4 **game is already sold out**
March 23 Cardinals v Marlins- 2
March 24 Marlins v Twins – 2
March 25 Marlins v Nationals – 1 Night game 5:45pm-10:00pm
March 27 Marlins v Cardinals – 1
March 28 Cardinals v Mets- 2
March 29 Cardinals v Nationals- 3

It would be a good idea to get there between 11:30 and 11:45am (around 5:30 – 5:45pm March 25). We park in the South Jupiter Community Park parking lot, to get there, stay on Parkside Dr, go past the stadium and then turn right on Frederick Small Rd (you will start to wonder if you have gone to far and then there will be a stop sign with a turn lane), the park will be on your left and the first stop sign. There will be golf carts taking volunteers to and from the skate park, just say you are with Palm Beach Children’s Hospital volunteering for the 50/50 raffle and you would like to go to gate B. Once there you may need to show your Eventbrite ticket to the checker and again say you are a 50/50 raffle volunteer. Once in, go to the left and we will have a table set up near the entrance with an Alliance For Kids banner and a 50/50 monitor set up.

I will be checking everyone in and giving you either a vest or a shirt to wear for the day. I will also give you your food voucher! What you will be doing is wearing a pink shirt or vest and holding up a sign with the 50/50 raffle information on it and who it supports. Volunteers always need to be by a Roger Dean employee wearing an orange shirt that says 50/50 raffle. The are the ones that take the money and can print off raffle tickets. We typically get done around 3:30pm (should be 9:30pm on March 25).

We will have waters and snacks at the table, make sure you are coming back every once in a while to hydrate. I have sunscreen as well but it’s a good idea to apply beforehand as we are in the sun for about 4 hours straight.

Contact Jessica to sign up!