Online Volunteer Hours Available With ‘Hug It Forward!’

Continuing, or 1 Time Opportunity: Continuing (with ongoing availability)
Name of Activity: Hug It Forward
Hours Offering: Tiered 1+
Details of Virtual Volunteer Activity: Project – Go VIRAL! Hug it Forward. This opportunity provides experience in development, social media marketing, and fundraising. Hug It Forward is a way to support foster children and fundraise for Speak Up For Kids. 1 hour for liking Speak Up For Kids Facebook Page and sharing our Hug It Forward social media campaign. Share Speak Up For Kids post and add an original message that encourages sharing the post. Make the post public. Earn an additional hour for every 10 shares. Earn an additional hour for every $10 donated as a result of that student/post. When 10 shares are reached send another screenshot. The original post is pinned to the top of Additional hours provided the same way for Instagram: Instagram: you must create your own post that increases our followers. Fundraising is hard work. Nonprofit fundraising takes time and work, connections are made through many avenues. Credit is given to donations made by your efforts. If a donation is made on behalf your efforts have the donor enter your (the students) name & email HUG-IT-FORWARD | *Optional Message to Friend:
Contact Info to Sign Up: – when you sign up, you will be emailed these instructions again with instructions on uploading and providing either links or screenshots to/of your posts.