Two Ongoing Events Seeking Volunteers!

Date of Event/Activity: Sept. 16-Oct. 20, 2019 (6 weeks; 7 days/week)

Name of Event/Activity: Palm Beach County Cares-Bahamas Relief Campaign

Location: 1975 Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33404 (old Albertsons/HH Gregg Store location)

Hours: Mon., Tues., Thu., Fri., 10am-6pm & Sat., Sun., 12-6pm

Details of Volunteer Activity: Warehouse Operations: unloading, palletizing, wrapping and loading relief supplies.

Website: Palm Beach County Cares (

Contact Info to Register/Sign Up:



Date of Event/Activity: No set date, hours vary and are flexible but should add up to at least 8 hours each month for a minimum period of 6 months.

Name of Event/Activity: There are quite a few options, but some examples are Foster/Rescue Aide; Kitty Cuddler; Enrichment Assistant and Shelter Greeter/Host.

Location: PBCACC shelter, located at 7100 Belvedere Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Details of Volunteer Activity:

Our minimum age for volunteering at the shelter is 16, but there are also take-home projects (fostering an animal, for example, or doing projects that involve making enrichment items/toys for the animals) that younger kids can earn credit for.

Most of the volunteer roles available in the shelter for kids under 18 are not direct animal handling positions, but they are nonetheless very important in supporting all of our programs. For example, a 16 year old could take on a role like “Foster/Rescue Aide,” where they would work closely with our Foster/Rescue Coordinator to assist her with all the administrative aspects of the Foster and Rescue programs (including helping prepare kitten foster care kits, etc.). They could also take on the role of Greeter/Host, which involves hanging out in the front lobby and welcoming visitors to the shelter, answering basic questions, and directing people to wherever they are trying to go.

There *is* actually one direct animal handling position open to those under 18, but only with cats. Our “Kitty Cuddler” position is open to those 16 and up, and it involves interacting with and socializing cats that are in the shelter’s adoption program waiting for homes. We also are very much in need of in-shelter Enrichment Assistants, who work with our Behavior/Enrichment staff on things like preparing and distributing frozen peanut-butter-stuffed Kong toys to the dogs, etc.

All of these (with the exception of the take-home projects) are ongoing volunteer positions that do require a minimum six-month long commitment (8 hours per month). So students would need to be prepared for that commitment. But as long as they are, we would be very grateful to have them join us!


Contact Info. to Register/Sign Up: Tammy Roberts at


New School Year = New Volunteering Opportunities!

Amber’s Animal Outreach is in need of volunteers for their Countdown 2 Zero event on Sept 28th at the South Florida Fairgrounds.
Shift hours are from 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, or all day (9am-5pm). Please e-mail if you are available to help.
Note: The dogs will be there ALL DAY as they are not sent home the day of any event as app approval and home visits is in the adoption process AND volunteers must wear a solid purple color shirt (our own will be available for $15). 

Date of Event/Activity: Monday through Friday
Name of Event/Activity: Front Desk – Answering Phones and greeting clients
Location: The Salvation Army Lake Worth Worship and Service Center
Hours: Two Shifts (8:30am to Noon & 12:00pm to 4:30pm)
Details of Volunteer Activity: Answering phones and greeting clients.
Contact Info to Register/Sign Up: Stacy Sinkeldam @ 561-365-3530 (Volunteer Services)

Date of Event/Activity: October 5th thru November 16th ~ Every Saturday

Name of Event/Activity: Miracle League Fall Baseball & Cheerleading Season
Location: Miller Park Delray Beach 1905 SW 4th Avenue, Delray Beach FL 33444
Hours: Create your own schedule. Choose 1 game, 2 games or 3 games. Each game is an 1 hour long. Games are @ 1:45pm. 3pm. 4:45pm Every Saturday during season.
Details of Volunteer Activity:  
Being a Buddy is a commitment to a group of highly deserving individuals in an area that many have never had an opportunity to participate in a team sportbefore. It is a commitment to a team, a player and the community that is reaching out to support their needs.
Being a Buddy is also a rewarding experience. By assisting a special needs player, a Buddy will have the opportunity to learn about a special player and help him or her achieve a sense of accomplishment and enjoy baseball or cheerleading. The Buddy system pairs each player with a Buddy to assist them on and off the field.
Buddies must be at least 12 years of age to participate in this program and must complete a brief training program prior to assisting a player.
Buddies duties will vary from full assistance for a player who may have severe mobility problems to offering guidance to players who can walk, run and perform many physical actions. Buddies may also assist players who do not have the mental or retentive ability to follow the rules of the game.
Buddies can be fellow schoolmates, college or high school students, athletes, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or any individual or group who wishes to volunteer their time to give the child the gift of baseball/cheerleading and a smile that touches us all.
Buddies are expected to attend all of their team’s scheduled games, as well as the above-mentioned training session and a “get-acquainted” session prior to the start of the season. Buddies can share responsibilities with another buddy if they know they will not be able to make all the games. Please see our schedule listing on the website for game dates. (If something comes up and you cannot attend a game, you will be expected to notify your Buddy Leader.)
Buddies will randomly be assigned teams unless otherwise requested (see registration form for more information).
Buddy Leaders will be assigned to each team to coordinate pairing of Buddies with players. In most cases, Buddies will assist the same player throughout the season.
Contact Info to Register/Sign Up: Website is to register. For more information, call Julia Kadel @ 561-414-4441

Date of Event/Activity: Ongoing needs
Location: We have volunteer opportunities in office administration, restore/retail, construction and neighborhood revitalization.
Hours: Varies depending on area.
Details of Volunteer Activity:
The first step in our process is to create an account and complete a volunteer application.  In addition for school records, it is recommended that you use the form your school requires and have each supervisor sign off on your completed hours after each shift. The link to the volunteer application can be found here.
After completion of the application, you will have the opportunity to register for any shifts online in any of the following areas:
1. Office Administration:
Please register for our office orientation scheduled for every  Wednesday of the month at 10:00a.m.  Should you want to meet with me before taking the orientation, please call me to schedule an appointment at 561.819.6070 ext. 214.
2. Construction and Neighborhood Revitalization:
On-site orientations occur daily for our Construction & Neighborhood Revitalization programs prior to the beginning of each shift,
3. ReStores:
Orientations for our ReStores occur on Thurs/Sat for our Delray ReStore and Tues/Sat for our Boca Raton ReStore, however, if you cannot make one of those shifts, the stores will accommodate you.  Restore hours are generally from 10:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. 7 days a week, however you can create your own schedule within those hours.
If there are any additional questions or concerns that we may answer, please do not hesitate to reach out! We truly appreciate our volunteers and want the experience to be as valuable to you as you are to us.
Contact Info to Register/Sign Up: Click here.

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